photo:  Vita-Bella

photo: Vita-Bella

We do orders of all sizes, depending on availability, season, and previous bookings. Please do note the minimums below and in addition, I ask that you are working with a wedding planner or coordinator. Anything more than an elopement begins at $3,500. 

Prices begin at:

Elopements: $200+
Please note, for 2019 I am only doing elopements through Santa Barbara Elopement —thanks! Tracey

50-100 guests: $3500+
100-150 guests: $4500+
150-200 guests: $6000+

Final price will depend on style, flowers requested, and amount of labor involved to deliver, set up and strike. Keep in mind that a large wedding party and/or guest list will add to your bottom line. 

To check your date and help us know a little about what you are planning, please click the box below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.